Diabetes Information from the Foot Experts at Foot Solutions

Diabetics Need to Pay Special Attention to Their Feet

Foot Solutions is here to help ease your diabetic feet. At Foot Solutions, we understand that diabetes can cause significant foot problems and that it is necessary to take precautions to prevent injury and keep feet healthy. Our line of Diabetic Footwear is custom designed to provide the following protective benefits:

  • High, wide toe box (high and wide space in the toe area)
  • Removable insoles for fitting flexibility and the option to insert orthotics if necessary.
  • Rocker Soles - These soles are designed to reduce pressure in the areas of the foot most susceptible to pain, most notably the ball-of-the-foot.
  • Diabetes is a serious disease that can develop from lack of insulin production in the body or due to the inability of the body's insulin to perform its normal everyday functions. Insulin is a substance produced by the pancreas gland that helps process the food we eat and turn it into energy.

Causes of Diabetes

Diabetes affects approximately 16 million Americans and is classified into 2 different types: Type 1 and Type 2. Type 1 is usually associated with juvenile diabetes and is often linked to heredity. Type 2, commonly referred to as adult onset diabetes, is characterized by elevated blood sugars, often in people who are overweight or have not attended to their diet properly.

Complications Related to Diabetes

There are numerous complications associated with diabetes. Diabetes disrupts the vascular system, affecting many areas of the body, such as the eyes, kidneys, legs, and feet. People with diabetes should pay special attention to their feet.

Get Help for Diabetic Feet at Foot Solutions

Foot Solutions stores specialize in diabetic foot care. Foot Solutions is an approved provider for Medicare's Therapeutic Shoe Bill, designed to help prevent amputations due to complications from diabetes. Eligible clients can receive diabetic appropriate shoes and insoles at greatly reduced or no cost.

The experienced pedorthists at Foot Solutions are trained to work with you and the special conditions of the diabetic foot. Working together, we can help provide the right solution for our diabetic customers.

Diabetic Medicare Shoe Benefit Information

Do you have Diabetes and have Medicare Part B benefits? There is a solution. Medicare's diabetic footwear benefit provides proper footwear and inserts for people with diabetes who qualify under Medicare Part B. This program was designed to prevent complications such as lower limb ulcers and amputations for individuals who are diagnosed with diabetes. At Foot Solutions, we believe you can achieve better health through your feet.

If you would like to review the diabetic footwear program with your physician, please

Download the Statement of Certifying Physician Form HERE and take it with you to your next visit.

If you have already received these benefits but would like to have the Foot Solutions experience, our certified pedorthists will provide a 20-25 minutes foot evaluation including a barefoot assessment, gait analysis, foot scan and educate you on the preventive measures for your continued foot care. We will work with your physicians to ensure all the needed Medicare paperwork is completed and submitted on your behalf. Not all Foot Solutions locations are approved medicare providers. Please check with your local Foot Solutions location to verify that they are approved Medicare providers or click here if you would like to find a Foot Solutions location in your area.

*** Valid in USA only - Check with your local Foot Solutions store to confirm that they are an approved Medicare provider ***

Who is Covered Under the Medicare Diabetic Footwear Benefit?

Those under the care of a Physician who have been diagnosed with Diabetes and in the opinion of your Doctor have one (or more) of the required foot conditions specified on the attached Statement of Certifying Physician Form and have Medicare Part B coverage.

What is Covered Under the Medicare Diabetic Footwear Benefit?

Each calendar year, Medicare will pay 80% of the cost of:

  • a) One pair of extra depth shoes specifically approved for the diabetic foot or custom shoes if requested by the treating physician.
  • b) Three pairs of heat molded multiple density inserts specifically made for the diabetic foot or custom insoles prescribed by the treating physician.

What do I have to do to qualify for the Medicare Diabetic Footwear Benefit?

Ask your Doctor helping you manage your diabetes to review, complete and sign the Statement of Certifying Physician and prescription form and select the appropriate footwear and inserts for your needs.

Return the Statement of Certifying Physician and prescription form to Foot Solutions.

Additional Information on the Medicare Diabetic Footwear Benefit

Medicare has an annual deductible that has to be met every year. The remaining 20% that Medicare DOES NOT pay, is usually covered by the customers secondary insurance or will be an out of pocket expense to the customer.

We submit the Medicare claim on your behalf so the out of pocket cost to the customer is minimal. If you have a Medicare HMO, your benefits under the Therapeutic Shoe Benefit must be administered and provided by the HMO.